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Aluminum Mop Base 15-3/4 Inch wide swivel 360°no resistance, no noise lay down 4 cm short space easy for cleaning under the sofa or bed.With two stong magic stick straps could firmly stick to the mop pad .The back of the base is 4 plastic clips moves freely it can make use of excess rugs stick the rugs to the Velcro and lock the rugs four corners to the clips.The mop handle is made from Aluminum and extends from 35″to 59″ which means you can set it to match your height and stop using handles that are too short and force you to bend over to clean properly.With 3 free Microfiber mop pads the dry pad (5.1"x 16.5") use it to collect larger debris like pet hair, dirt and dust the Wet Pad (5.1"x 17.7"″)be used for a deeper clean .And another wet/dry coral velvet pad (5.1"x 16.5")can be replaced randomly.When you're done, simply rinse them under tap, or toss them in your washing machine for repeat usage.The Mop Pads are designed to be used damp, they work great with just plain water... no chemicals are needed to clean effectively. Of course, they'll also work with your favorite floor cleaner

Microfiber Dust Cleaning Mop

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